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Is Drake Dropping A Mixtape Soon? (Video)

Nov 26, 2014 -- 1:24pm

In 2014, Drake helped several artists bolster their hip-hop status by jumping on joints like Migos’ ‘Versace,’ ILOVEMAKONNEN’s ‘Tuesday’ and YG’s ‘Who Do Love.’ Now the rap superstar is going back to where he started from — the mixtape circuit — and dropping a new project of his own — before his album arrives.

According to Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan, Drizzy is planning to drop a new mixtape in January 2015. In an interview with NBA TV, the baller revealed that he would get first dibs of Drake’s new mixtape before he releases it to the public.

Read More: Is Drake Dropping a New Mixtape in January? [VIDEO] | http://theboombox.com/is-drake-dropping-new-mixtape-january/?trackback=tsmclip


Nov 26, 2014 -- 1:19pm

There’s nothing that will ruin a Thanksgiving dinner faster than an argument. In order to keep the peace this Thanksgiving, here are some topics to avoid:

  • Religion – Thanksgiving is not religious holiday, so hold the preaching and pass the pumpkin pie.
  • Politics – Nothing will start an argument at the table faster than a discussion about politics. If someone insists on bringing it up, do your best to steer the conversation in another direction. Whatever you do, don’t engage.
  • Family scandals – The Thanksgiving table is not the place to gossip about why cousin Amy is leaving her husband.
  • How much someone is eating – Uncle Earl may be on his fifth helping of mashed potatoes, but you don’t need to bring it up or talk about how big he is getting.
  • How bad the food is – The green bean casserole may taste like dirt, but Aunt Edna’s feelings will still be hurt.
  • Dietary preferences – If your sister doesn’t eat gluten, don’t give her a hard time or pester her to eat just one roll.
  • Better Thanksgivings in the past – Try and enjoy the moment and live in the present. (MSN)


Nov 26, 2014 -- 1:16pm

Activists are urging African-Americans to protest the decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown by "blacking out" Black Friday.

The boycott was apparently conceived by the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, which has dubbed it "No Justice, No Profit." Organizers are urging African-Americans not to shop from Thanksgiving Day to Sunday of this week. Coalition member Dacia Polk says, “Until this nation begins to place value on black lives, there will be no value placed on this business because black lives matter."

Support for the boycott is picking up steam on Twitter:

  • "Money is their power. Boycott the corporations that oppress us. And you hit em where it hurts."
  • "So…you say you care about racism and injustice. Then please do this ONE SMALL THING. For just ONE day, stop consuming."
  • "I know most people not gonna boycott with us. But I'm gonna do it anyway. Because someone somewhere actually gives a damn."
  • "Walmart donated $10,000 to the support Darren Wilson foundation, please #boycottwalmart #boycottBlackFriday."

But not everyone sees the logic in it. 

Source: Al Jazeera

Rihanna Look- Alike Getting Paid

Nov 24, 2014 -- 4:23pm

A Boston woman is turning a striking resemblance to Rihanna into cold cash. According to England's Daily Mail, 22-year-old Andele Lara looks so much like RiRi that's she been paid up to $20,000 to promote products as the pop star. "I know I could happily give up my part-time job and studies to have a career as a Rihanna lookalike," says Lara, who has used her look to help sell clothing, sneakers, mascara and hair products. 

Lara says that she's been mistaken for the star for several years now. "The comments started in my sophomore year. My friend had a magazine with Rihanna on the cover. He held it up to my face and was like, ‘You look like her!'"

Lara says she hopes to meet her meal ticket one day and take a selfie with her.

Arizona Mom Accused of Spending Donations on Boyfriend’s Rap Album [VIDEO]

Nov 21, 2014 -- 4:05pm

An Arizona woman who garnered sympathy on social media after she was arrested for leaving her two sons in a hot car while she went on a job interview is in trouble with the law.

You may remember Shanesha Taylor’s teary-eyed mugshot, which touched the hearts of hundreds of people who sympathized with her plight. After the photo gained media attention, over $100,000 was raised through online donations to help her out. To avoid jail time, Taylor made a deal with prosecutors to put the donation money in a trust fund for her two children.

Apparently, she didn’t do that.

Read More: http://theboombox.com/arizona-mom-spends-donations-on-boyfriends-rap-album-video/?trackback=tsmclip

J Cole Showcase New Album at Fans House

Nov 21, 2014 -- 2:57pm

J. Cole is taking the grassroots approach with 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The Dreamville rapper surprised one lucky fan and played her his new album nearly three weeks before its release. On Wednesday, Cole tweeted that he was in Dallas and one fan named Dalia responded. Much to her surprise, Cole wrote back and asked her to DM her address so he could come play her the album.

See More http://www.rap-up.com/2014/11/20/j-cole-surprises-fan-with-house-visit-plays-new-album/

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