Jermaine Dupri Allegedly Owes IRS Nearly $560,000 In Back Taxes

Jermaine Dupri Allegedly Owes IRS Nearly $560,000 In Back Taxes

The IRS has recently filed a tax lien against Jermaine Dupri, and he may have to cough up almost $560,000!

This past Sunday (Aug. 1), Radar Online reported that Jermaine Dupri (real name Jermaine Mauldin) owes a large sum of cash to the IRS. Reportedly, the record producer owes $62,477.62 for 2019 alone. Additionally, he owes around $493,095 in total from 2013-2018. Specifically, he’s accused of owing  $52,880.22 for 2013, $108,230.96 for 2014, $84,570 for 2015, $71,080.88 for 2016, $71,207 for 2017, and $105,125.33 for 2018. Added all together, Jermaine Dupri allegedly owes the IRS almost $560,000 for seven years worth of back taxes. The court documents on the matter were filed back on July 16th in Georgia.

The IRS is reportedly threatening to begin seizing Jermaine Dupri‘s assets to cover the bill. Notably, the record producer has been in this situation before. Back in 2002, a portion of Jermaine Dupri‘s car collection was seized by the IRS in order to cover his back taxes. Additionally, various pieces of furniture and computers were also collected in the tax lien.

Jermaine Dupri also ran into tax issues again a few years later. From 2006 to 2008, he reportedly owed the IRS $3 million in debt, which he paid off in 2013. However, he hit a bump in the road in 2014 when he did not make the payments on his Atlanta mansion, and it was subsequently foreclosed.

Jermaine Dupri has not publicly commented on his recent tax situation.

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