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99.5 & 105.9 JAMZ is a proud partner in the Southside Virginia, Roanoke Valley, & Roanoke-Chowan Communities. We love to try and help all non-profit organizations by promoting events, fund raisers, and getting out messages for communities for Free. Public service announcements are limited and are on a first come first serve bases. You are also welcomed to purchase advertising. Below are our guidelines.

  1. All Public Service Announcements are subject to station management approval.
  2. For events, please make sure you have event time, location, and some way for listeners to reach out to you for more information (website, phone number, or social media is recommended).
  3. Party fundraisers will not be promoted as a public service announcement. You may purchase advertising for this.
  4. Due to strict FCC regulations, we are not allowed to promote raffles or lotteries.

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Taylor Swift Controversy Over New Video


Taylor Swift may need to “Shake Off” the controversy involving the video for her new single, “Shake It Off.”

In the clip, Taylor clumsily dances with a variety of dancers, including ballet, breakers and cheerleaders. At issue is the portion of the video in which she’s twerking alongside African-American dancers.

Some have taken to Twitter to criticize. One wrote, “Aww, cute!!! Taylor Swift made a mockery of black culture and black womanhood in her new music video! What a sweet, absolutely racist phase.” Another writes, “Shake It Off is  racist and offensive. Why does your self-expression and rebellion have to come off the backs of black people?”  Another person, who admitted to not having seen the video, tweeted, “I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful.”

Looks like Taylor will have to take her own advice on this one and shake it off.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Getting Fat


These days, it’s easy to gain weight.

It can happen to you. And, unfortunately, it can also happen to your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend is looking heavier, and you’ve got no other reason to cut and run, here are some things you can do that might fix the problem – and might even bring the two of you closer together.

  • Take a Good Look in the Mirror – Before you make a stink about your girlfriend’s weight, make sure you’re not chunked out yourself. If you’re in lousy shape, you don’t have much authority.
  • Toss The Potato Chips – When losing weight, it’s 80% food and 20% diet. So … get the garbage food out of your house and replace it with healthy stuff.
  • Purchase a Gym Membership – Telling her to exercise isn’t going to work. Going to the gym together might.
  • Plan a Tropical Vacation – Tropical vacations mean pictures on the beach. Vanity is a great motivator, both for her and for you. (AskMen)

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Nikki Minaj

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